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Just Things of Beauty is on a journey that has us looking at the world and bringing our experiences, our 'take' on what we see, wear, eat, and surround ourselves with.

Fashion, Food, Interior Design, The Built Environment are all things that we at have a deep interest in, we hope you enjoy our 'take' on the world we see.

Just Things of Beauty. Athleisure White Suit SS17
Tea Set
Grey wool jacket styled with grey marl tshirt. Just Things of Beauty. J | T | o | B
Lattes and Cookies
Curated monochrome collection. Just Things of Beauty
Young Guy, cashmere scarf, wolloen overcoat from Just Things of Beauty
Tailored mens jacket matched with classic just things of beauty white t shirt Just Things of Beauty
Curated colour collection Just Things of Beauty
Autumn Winter 2018. Cord parka coat. Just Things of Beauty. J | T | o | B
Guy with a Hoodie
Just Things of Beauty. Sheers, Translucents, Metallics. Just Things of Beauty. J | T | o | B
wool overcoat styled with classic black t shirt by Just Things of Beauty
Just Things of Beauty Black Cropped Suiting Pants SS17.jfif
Handsome Young Guy, AW17 Knitted scarf I Just Things of Beauty | JToB |
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What You Need

The desire to live slowly and in a more mindful way has never been more in vogue. And we believe this should also apply to fashion to. Simple shapes, luxurious fabrics, exceptional finishing are at the core of the micro collection. Every piece has been carefully considered, each with it's own subtle backstory.


A Distinctive Style

Step into our world of home at just things of beauty to find a landscape populated with a beautifully curated collection of must have pieces.

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With an eye for design, detail, the cool, the good, and the beautiful, Just Things of Beauty are a a little bit obsessive when it comes to Fashion, Home, Design, & Lifestyle Inspiration and are dedicated to curating and presenting to you just things of beauty. This love for design imagery, the well made and the beautifully crafted, combined with our experience and technical skills, and an eyes wide open way of looking at the world is what makes just things of beauty stand out from the crowd. The philosophy behind our success is a constant drive to improve. Our passion is for creating and the discovery of beautiful art, objects, fashion and home-stuff! In this industry, there is always something new to learn, and we make sure there’s a new lesson every single day. To find out more about our current range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Joy of Life

With so many things that bring us joy, and that are just things of beauty we wanted to dedicate part of our online world to sharing them with you.

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