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Just Things of Beauty, J | T | o | B, is fast becoming renowned for their classic, fresh and modern take on menswear.

Obsession to quality and detail is at the heart of the company. Just Things of Beauty: J | T | o | B is creative, receptive, and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. As a result, we've found ourselves coming up with creative, on-point, and understanding solutions for the men we design and make clothes for.



A Distinctive Style

From the draped silhouette to the utilitarian shorter legged pant.
Just Things of Beauty sees SS20 menswear really take centre stage with classic tailoring combined with bold steps for the discerning man. From the office to the bar J | T | o | B get it, get you and want to help you get the very best look for yourself for SS20

The new silhouette for SS20


Sharp, crisp, on-point, and classic

Just Things of Beauty capture the aesthetics of each structured, tailored unique piece. Just Things of Beauty understands the importance of light and angles, texture and using the finest materials and has the experience to use those elements in creating stunning pieces of menswear.

New, sharp, tailored..
Just Things of Beauty Sheers and Invisibles White Shorts SS17.jfif


You've got this nailed guys

In the Casual collection we looked at how we could remain well dressed, on point, but with the less being more mantra. We strive to really capture the aesthetics of each of the pieces structure and how they can further flatter the male body. Just Things of Beauty understands the importance of cut, texture, and angles, and has the experience to use those elements in creating beautiful pieces that will become you and your wardrobes long term buddies.

Menswear: Service
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