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My 2018 lists | books

I have a tradition of writing out the lists of books that I've read, music that I've listened to, art that I've enjoyed, places that I've visited and lists upon lists upon lists...

This is normally a pen and ink exercise but for the 1st time I'm including them here on

J | T | o | B.

I find it a useful and reflective exercise, which I often find gives me a longer range view of what has preoccupied me in the year, where my head's been at and what, if anything, does it mean for the coming year. Through the books, music, art and places I've enjoyed (and in some cases not enjoyed).

My reflections and ruminations I'll keep to myself for now but my lists? I'm happy to share... I hope you enjoy... (+ a few picture highlights of the year).

Books of 2018 (these aren't in the order I read them)

The books I've read this year haven't all been read consecutively, in a single sitting or always been enjoyed! The list does shed light on what has been troubling me and what I've needed to help me 'book up my ideas'. Areas I've felt a need to increase my knowledge and understanding of. There are books that haven't made this list but have already been purchased (but not as yet read), these'll have to wait until this time next year to get included (or we might have a 6 month 'dip' to see how we're getting along).

The Devil That Never Dies, The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Poverty Safari, Understanding the anger of Britain's Underclass by Darren McGarvey

Rising Star, The Making of Barack Obama by David J. Garrow

Rauschenberg, Art & Life by Mary Lynn Kotz (3rd edition)

Jasper Johns (Royal Academy of Arts)

The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

The Complete Short Stories, Volume Two 1954 - 1988, Expect the Unexpected by Roald Dahl

The Pigeon Tunnel, Stories from My Life by John le Carre

Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo

A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles

The Origins of The Final Solution by Christopher R. Browning

Dali, The Paintings by Robert Descharnes & Gilles Neret

Miro by Janis Mink

POSTSECRET by Frank Warren

What Went Wrong by Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Golden Bough by J G Frazer

New Power, How it's changing the 21st century - and why you need to know by Henry Timms & Jeremy Heimans

A Treasury of British Folklore by Dee Dee Chainey

My Promised Land by Ari Shavit

The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman

World Order by Henry Kissinger

A History Of The Middle East by Peter Mansfield

A History Of The World in Twelve Maps by Jerry Brotton

Belonging, The Story Of The Jews 1492 - 1900 by Simon Schama

Theft by Finding by David Sedaris

History Repeating by Sam Wilkin

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Watching the English by Kate Fox

The Music of 2018


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